#UnovaRPG Rules – English

These are the Rules for #UnovaRPG and all related Sub-Channels.
1. No Spamming: Do not spam. This means typing random keys and smashing your enter button. We get it, you can use a keyboard. This causes a lot of disruption for those who are chatting and is found to be very annoying.

2. No flooding: Do not flood. Sending more than 4 messages in the space of 3 seconds is considered flooding. Try to keep your sentence in 1 line.

3. Always be approrpiate: Swearing is prohibited in our channels. There are kids who join these channels and should not be seeing such foul language. Would you want your kid coming online to see swears? If you would, it doesn’t matter, don’t do it. This includes psuedo-swearing. This also means no talking about sexual related things, having inappropriate nicknames, etc.

4. No arguing: Do not needlessly argue with users. If it is a debate it is a different matter. Arguing with others disrupts the experience of others and can be considered annoying. Try to avoid arguments with staff regarding kicks, bans or anything in relation to that. One of the owners will check it and it will be sorted.

5. No Using Excessive Caps: Using excessive amounts of caps in your messages is not allowed. SENDING A MESSAGE LIKE THIS IN THE CHATROOM WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED AS YOU WILL GET KICKED FOR IT. You may use caps for things like ‘LOL’, ‘LMFAO, ‘XD’, etc. Keep it to a minimum.

6. NO SCAMMING: Scamming other users will NOT be tolerated at all. Whether you scam them of their ICs, Pokemon, Accounts, it doesn’t matter. You will get an instant ban from all UnovaRPG channels if you’re caught attempting to scam, and you will get an akick (auto kick and ban as soon as you join) and it may be a very long time before that gets removed, if it gets removed at all. Doing trades in pm is done at your own risk. Don’t allow yourself to get scammed. Scamming can also lead to a ban from the UnovaRPGNet IRC Network entirely. Attempted scamming is treated the same as successfully scamming another user.

7. Language: #UnovaRPG is an English ONLY channel. #UnovaRPG-ES is a Spanish channel. #RP and #Trade are multi-lingual and any language can be used there. #UnovaRPG-es may soon be changed to an international channel where any language other than English can be spoken there.

8. Roleplaying: All Role-Playing goes in #RP, in PM, or in some other channel, NOT in any of the other #UnovaRPG channels. Keep your roleplays appropriate in the public Roleplaying channel. Roleplaying may also be done in other, non #UnovaRPG Channels.

9. Impersonation: Do not impersonate other users or staff. This means pretending to be them. This also includes backseat moderating. If you’re not a member of staff, don’t pretend to be one. If you can see someone breaking rules and a member of staff has not dealt with it, give them a light and friendly warning that they will be dealt with. If it continues, leave it for the operators to deal with when one is active. Asking for operator won’t get you it either, if we need any we’ll mention it.

10. Ban-evasions: Do not evade your bans. If you have been banned, you have been banned for a reason. Complete the ban and do not do anything that will allow you to re-join the channels. Complete it and you will be allowed back without any trouble. If you continue to evade your bans, you willl be making life harder for yourself. Also, there are certain text bans set on the channel to prevent the chatting from disruptions, don’t evade them. They are there for a reason. (For example, saying [email protected] instead of trading in #UnovaRPG)

11. Common Sense Rule: Use Common Sense! Attempting to find loopholes in the rules won’t work. Doing so in bad faith can get you banned. If you’re not sure if you can say or do something, you probably can’t. Ask an Op if you’re not sure.

12. Be nice to everyone: Being nice will always get you places. Being horrible to others will get you places, but they are places you would not want to be in. Don’t be rude or disrespectful towards others as it will bring up arguments.

13. Do NOT Ask for Op/Rank: Asking for Operator or other Channel Rank will NOT get you the rank you requested. It will also annoy any staff members currently online, and will get you banned. So don’t do it. If we’re looking to make someone staff, WE will contact THEM.

14. Do NOT Recruit for Teams in the Chat: General discussion about teams in the game is okay, however asking people to join your team is NOT ALLOWED. If in doubt, ask a Chat Room Moderator. If a Chat Moderator tells you to stop talking about teams, STOP TALKING ABOUT TEAMS!

If you get banned by the Channel Bot, don’t panic! The first time you’re banned is only temporary, for 2 hours. If you do it again, or you ban evade, it will be increased. If a Staff Member bans you, you’ll be banned for a duration of time set by the Staff Member. If you would like to appeal your ban, contact Magiobiwan at [email protected] via e-mail and RESPECTFULLY explain the issue at hand. Please include the nickname you were using at the time of the ban, the approximate time/date of the ban (and your local timezone), and which channel you were banned from. He will respond to you when he has time.
Usually you’ll get a warning/kick before you’re banned, HOWEVER staff may choose to skip that level if your behavior warrants it.

Anything can be spoken about in #UnovaRPG as long as it’s appropriate. It is a channel for general talk, as well as the actual game itself.

Automated Bot Bans are lifted after 2 hours. If the bot automatically banned you and you haven’t been unbanned after 2 hours, mention it to a member of staff and they will check and deal with it appropriately. You will only be banned from the channel where you break the rule in. However, scamming attempts may lead to a Network-wide ban, preventing you from joining any channels on the Chat Room.

If you’re a regular user and a member of staff catches you breaking rules, you may be kicked/banned without warning. As regular users you should know what is right and what is wrong. You will be lucky to get a warning.

If you think you have been kick/banned or have seen someone get kicked/banned by a staff member for a reason that is not deemed approrpiate, let Lucario/Marcus know. He will deal with it.

If you are a user that continues to get banned, regardless of what rule you are breaking, you may be added to the auto-join kick and ban list.

You should not be banned for things that happened in PM/other channels unless it’s an attempt to scam. If a member of staff has banned you for personal reasons let an owner or admin know and they will consider your appeal.

Current Staff Members are:
~Magiobiwan (Owner)
~Marcus/Lucario  (Owner)
&DB/DragonBlaze (Admin)
&Shun (Admin)
&Giio (Admin, Español Lead)
@Sodium/Salt (Operator)
@Darken/Zero (Operator)
@Xyrule (Operator)
@Bob (Operator)
%XF/Veyron (Half-Operator)
%Okuu (Half-Operator)