Server Information

UnovaRPGNet has multiple servers available for connection. We strongly recommend using the Round Robin to connect, as it contains all the servers. Should you wish to force an IPv6 connection, there is an IPv6 round-robin,, which you can use instead.

All servers are on a Wildcard SSL Certificate. For the security-minded users, the SHA-1 Certificate Fingerprint for the Certificate used is:
The SHA-256 Certificate Fingerprint is:


Should you wish to connect to a specific server, you can choose from the following servers:

URLSSLIPv6 PortsLocationHost
sceptile.unovarpgnet.netYESYES6666 (Mibbit), 6667, +6697Piscataway, NJ,
rayquaza.unovarpgnet.netYESYES6666 (Mibbit), 6667, +6697Las Vegas, Nevada,
darkrai.unovarpgnet.netYESYES6666 (Mibbit), 6667, +6697Seattle, WA,
mudkip.unovarpgnet.netYESYES6666 (Mibbit), 6667, +6697Roost,