Welcome to UnovaRPGNet!

UnovaRPGNet was founded in May 2012, and has been in operation since then. UnovaRPGNet is home to the IRC Channels for UnovaRPG.com and many other channels created by the users of UnovaRPG.

UnovaRPGNet features Full IRC Services, and is supported by UnrealIRCd and Anope IRC Services. UnovaRPGNet supports connections from Mibbit and KiwiIRC, and has IPv6 support for all servers. In addition, UnovaRPGNet features Web IRC Statistics, as well as Web Based Access to your Anope Account for remote management. UnovaRPGNet also supports SASL Authentication on all servers, allowing for your client to authenticate to your NickServ Account during connection.

Welcome to UnovaRPGNet, and enjoy your stay!